In the past years we have seen that most outdoor furniture has been taken its form in synthetic rattan. The latter is mainly a result of its low price and weather resistant capabilities. Working with natural wood proves far harder as not all wood is weather proof, finishes need to be better and constructions need to be stronger. At Strakx we try to work with as many materials possible, synthetic rattan, teak, recycled railway sleeper (Iron Wood) and much more. Below you find some of our main lines, yet others are yet to be added.

Zoom Collection

Despite growing demand, outdoor furniture that is both durable and stylish remains difficult to find; this is where the Zoom collection by Strakx comes in.

Given its' elegant simplicity, one would be forgiven for thinking this ultra durable and lightweight furniture collection belonged inside a living room rather than an outdoor setting, regardless of rain or shine.

Synthetic Rattan Zoom Collection by Strakx Synthetic Rattan Zoom Collection by Strakx Synthetic Rattan Zoom Collection by Strakx Synthetic Rattan Zoom Collection by Strakx

Class Collection

Class and comfort are not often associated with wooden outdoor seating, but Strakx takes those notions and transforms them with stylish seating in the form of our Class collection.

Constructed from Teak selected for its' durability and set on a high-grade stainless steel frame, the fully foldable Class collection was designed with robust beauty and ease of use in mind.

The Class collection is available au naturel, showcasing the beauty of our superb quality Teakwood, and in our nautically inspired tri-color boatwood finish while the metal frame comes in classic black or white.

Traditional Outdoor Iron Dining Set by Strakx Traditional Outdoor Iron Dining Set by Strakx Traditional Outdoor Iron Dining Set by Strakx

Arabella Sun Lounger

This collaboration between Strakx and Il Bella Sole founder Krystyna Kielbon garnered much acclaim after being launched in April 2013 at the famous International Furniture Market in High Point, North Carolina.

The Arabella Sun Chaise Lounger caught the eye of the moderators of the prestigious Interior Design: Best of Year 2013 award competition, and The Arabella Lounger was entered as a competitor against over 70 other contenders from widely known design and furniture houses. In December of 2013 it was announced that the Arabella Sun Chaise Lounger was a finalist of the competition, having been edged out by a single design out of a field of over seventy contenders

Synthetic Rattan outdoor Lounge, by Strakx and Il Bella Sole

Tori Gates

The distinct design of traditional torii gates have long been a unmistakable icon of bespoke Japanese architecture. Commonly found erected at the entrance of Shinto shrines, the Torii gate symbolically marks the transition from the profane to spiritual purity.

Our designer drew inspiration from this timeless embodiment of Japanese culture and created bamboo versions in a variety of finishes. Sizes are upon request, and custom inscriptions in Japanese calligraphic characters (Kanji) can be engraved into the posts if you wish.

Bamboo Tori Gates by Strakx Bamboo Tori Gates by Strakx

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