A mirror can be much more than merely its' namesake; more than just reflect what is directly in front of it, a well-designed mirror can serve to enhance the aesthetic beauty of the space it inhabits. It is with this in mind that Strakx offers a range of over fifty mirrors in various shapes crafted using a myriad of materials ranging from stainless steel and hand-hammered metals such as bronze, aluminum, copper, and nickel to various woods in a variety of finishes and patterns of select pieces of naturally formed wood, as well as various skins such as leather, goatskin, and stingray. In the Strakx mirror collection, there exists the perfect mirror for every space.

Rough Mirrors

Strips of wood are laid down in an interlocking pattern to create a texture reminiscent of forests, and wood in its' natural state.

Rough Mirrors from teak cut off by Strakx

Twiggy Mirrors

Lengths of naturally grown bamboo twigs are loosely interwoven to create the impression of a bird's nest, and the shorter twigs are artfully laid together to elicit images of a beaver-built dam.

Twiggy Mirrors, made from bamboo twigs by strakx

Kjobie Mirrors

Various heights of eco-friendly Teakwood cubes come together to form a disjointed whole.

Teak cubical blocks together form the Kjobie mirror from Strakx

Train Mirrors

The characteristically dense railway sleeper wood lends this mirror its unique characteristics.

Railway sleeper Iron wood mirror, by Strakx

Sunny Mirrors

A spherical concave construct made out of hand-hammered metal that houses a circular mirror is the essence of the Sunny collection by Strakx.

Mirror made from hand hammered copper/aluminium by Strakx

Metal Mirrors

Sleek polished metal seems to merge with the surface of the mirror, creating an air of futuristic minimalism that can be integrated into any living space.

Mirror made from Stainless steel by Strakx

Teak Mirrors

The Strakx Teak collection displays both the ambient design and visual versatility of our Teakwood mirrors.

Mirror made teak-wood in various finishes

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