The Strakx Bathroom collection was conceived with functionality of design in mind and thus is comprised solely of materials treated to be highly water-resistant, yet the aesthetic beauty of each object might almost fool you into thinking form was prioritized over functionality in this collection. Natural wood and shaped stone clashes with industrial steel and synthetic concrete to create our highly iconic Strakx Bathroom collection.

Train Collection

Wooden railway sleepers were traditionally made stress, weather, and pest resistant by soaking the cut sleepers in a creole solution for up to eighteen months, during which time the wood -often an already naturally dense wood such as Ironwood- would absorb the oils and thereby increase its' density and become even more durable, as well as pest and rot proof. Today antique railway sleeper wood is prized for its' robust character and unique beauty, and as a testament to its' longevity a single railway sleeper is often used simply as a standing outdoor monument. The tough nature of aged railway sleeper wood makes it a challenge to work with but as showcased through the Strakx Train collection, in the hands of our skilled craftsmen virtually anything is possible. Be it mirror frames, or sink bases, thanks to its inherently waterproof qualities, railway sleeper wood is the choice material for modern bathroom furniture with a rustic edge.

Railway Sleeper Iron Wood Bathroom by Strakx Railway Sleeper Iron Wood Bathroom by Strakx

Syntha Collection

A solid teak and synthetic terrazzo base crowned with smooth marble washbasins form a synergy between man-made and natural beauty in the Syntha collection.

Syntha Collection by Strakx Syntha Collection by Strakx Syntha Collection by Strakx

CO2 Collection

The Strakx CO2 collection highlights our love for straight lines and right angles in a marriage between wood and stone that epitomizes our philosophy of design. Water-proofed au naturel Teak washstands cradle synthetic terrazzo and solid river rock sinks in various joined orientations, expounding the notion that wood and stone each amplify the beauty of the other.

CO2 Teak Bathroom by Strakx CO2 Teak Bathroom by Strakx

Bel Collection

The Bel collection’s Smooth contours of synthetic terrazzo and wood composite come together in a modern collection in touch with nature.

composit wood bathroom by strakx

Regatta Collection

The Regatta Collection is Inspired by the aged beauty of timeworn fishing vessels, the Strakx Boatwood finish provides a rugged nautical touch to refined bathroom furniture.

Boat paint inspired paint by Strakx

Con Collection

The Con collection brings together interlocking slabs of synthetic concrete which is inspired by the minimalistic beauty of industrial design and enhanced by the use of river rock wash basins.

Fiber Cement Bathroom by Strakx

Suar Collection

The Suar collection’s naturally variant shades of deep and light brown that are the hallmark of Suar wood assure that this wall-mounted washstand emanates subtle luxury.

Suar wood bathroom by Strakx

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